It’s Resolution Time!

Resolution–simply saying the word out loud instills a tinge of anxiety in most Americans. A call to action, the word “resolution” means a chance to act with determination. To make your mind up. Once and for all. And you get a whole year to do it.

A year. 365 days. 8760 hours. Even subtract the sleep that we should be getting and that’s still a lot of time. Ironically, most Americans cite “lack of time” as the #1 reason they fail to succeed at their New Year’s resolutions.

In 2012, the University of Scranton conducted a study regarding New Year’s resolutions and the results were somewhat astonishing. Of the approximately 45% of Americans who make New Years resolutions, only 8% of keep them. However, there are many silver linings in the study. The number one resolution for most Americans is to lose weight. Staying fit and getting healthy was number five. Living life to the fullest came in fourth. Finally, people who make resolutions are ten times as likely to meet their goals than those who don’t.

At Nikken, we are like most Americans. We make personal New Years’ resolutions too, which we’ve shared below. But we also make corporate resolutions as well. Number one on our list? We resolve to help you develop healthy products with our taste enhancing ingredients. One of these ingredients is Komi™, which provides a kokumi effect to products. We have learned through lots of recipe testing that Komi™can be extremely beneficial in maintaining a full fat flavor in reduced fat recipes. The best part of all? You can’t tell the difference. Komi™ creates mouthfeel and adds texture and creaminess that makes reduced-fat recipes taste rich and satisfying. And makes those resolutions a lot easier to keep.

Request a sample of Komi™ and try it in our Creamy Balsamic Gorgonzola Sauce. It’s perfect paired with a lean, grilled steak. It’s resolution keeping stuff.

Here’s a peek at some of our resolutions:

Susan Brunjes – – Mine will be more exercise, including taking my new puppies on many long walks or chasing after them down the street.

Mindy Brundick – To strengthen my core—-physically and mentally. I believe character comes from the core and determines actions. To quote John Wayne — Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway.

Kim Vunkesky – Peace with God, Peace with others and Peace with myself.

David Chatterton – I plan on adding working out to my list of things to do. OH! And using more NATURAL UMAMI INGREDIENTS IN MY DAILY DIET.

Galen Isringhausen – More exercise, more water, and increase my beer consumption to no more than 4 bottles a week.

Lori Hamilton – Learn how to expand my recipe collection to include healthier options made from fresh vegetables, whole grains, lean meats and lower my carbohydrate intake. Rely less on eating out.

A Most Happy and Prosperous 2014 from your friends at Nikken!