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Shimp Enchilada - rp

Shrimp Enchilada Sauce

Rich, savory, mouthwatering shrimp enchiladas prepared with sauce using our 2135K Champignon Mushroom Extract Powder is so delicious and craveable they’ll disappear quicker than you can plate them.

Cajun shrimp - rp

Cajun Shrimp

Briny, spicy, herbaceous gulf shrimp in a Cajun cream sauce – yes please! Kick your dish up with the umami punch of our 2103 Champignon Mushroom Extract Powder and bring more WOW to your masterpieces.

Mexican Adobo - rp

Adobo Marinade

Smoky, spicy, earthy, complex. These are just a few of the taste descriptors you’ll hear when you marinade your foods in this incredibly rich and tasty Mexican style Adobo marinade – of course here at Nikken we amp up the umami, so we used our 2115 Shiitake Extract Powder to add complexity while ramping up umami.

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