The ancient craft of soy sauce brewing is as rich as it is complex.
Ingredient selection, ratios, methods of production and brewing times all work together to build distinction and nuance in each product.

At Nikken, we meticulously select soy sauces to craft our artisanal spray dried products.  This allows us creative freedom to design bold, signature products that undeniably add character and complexity to food products around the world.  Our naturally fermented soy sauce powders deliver the rich, savory, Maillard-like umami notes today’s consumers demand.

Product Code Natural Vegetarian* Vegan* Gluten Free Non-BE RTE
Organic Wheat-Free Soy Sauce Powder 5368
Roasted Wheat-Free Soy Sauce Powder 5365
Wheat-Free Soy Sauce Powder 5360
Fermented Rice Extract Powder 5390
Tamari Soy Sauce Powder 5303
Organic Traditional Soy Sauce Powder 5315
Traditional Soy Sauce Powder 5380
Traditional Soy Sauce Powder 5305
Traditional Soy Sauce Powder 5301
Lightly Roasted Soy Sauce Powder 5301SH
Roasted Soy Sauce Powder 5320
Reduced Salt Soy Sauce Powder 5307
Light Colored Soy Sauce Powder 5317