Seafood is delicate. Less processing means higher quality. For this reason, we strictly use simple culinary techniques of steaming, pressing and hot water to extract the essence from whole seafood.  We’ve been doing it this way for over 50 years. Choose any item below to add clean tasting notes, authentic seafood and umami to your formulations.

Product Code Natural Gluten Free Non-BE RTE
Anchovy Extract Powder 1101
Clam Extract Powder 1220
Clam Extract Powder 1225
Crab Extract Powder 1300
Fish Extract Powder 1604
Fish Sauce Powder 1620
Lobster Extract Powder 1903
Oyster Extract Powder 1805
Scallop Extract Powder 1405
Shrimp Powder 1501
Shrimp Powder Extract 1520
Tuna Extract Powder 1702