White Miso…the secret to flavor enhancement

I love color usually but there are times when there’s nothing like crisp, white sheets or a classic white shirt.  That’s because white goes with anything…it’s flexible, clean, carefree, delicate.  The same holds true when talking about miso believe it or not.  Miso comes in three colors (red, yellow and white) and the darker the color, the more intense the miso.  So, it makes sense that the lighter the miso, the sweeter more delicate the flavor making it a versatile enhancement option.

Fermented for a shorter time than darker options, white miso is an excellent flavor booster and fabulous ingredient selection when you want to reduce sodium in a formulation or add umami enhancement. Top Chef Marcus Samuelsson referred to white miso as his “secret ingredient” to add umami to dishes and an incredible layer of flavor. You get the idea: white miso is almost like a stealth ingredient taking numerous applications to the next flavor level.

Not just for savory applications, white miso also has a place on the dessert cart and, here at Nikken, there isn’t much about dessert that we don’t love.  We decided to experiment with pairing our white miso powder with caramel. What resulted was a surprising, sweet treat – Miso Sriracha Caramels. Trend-reflective and timeless, our Miso Sriracha Caramels perfectly showcase the enhancement power of Nikken’s White Miso Powder – 6107 by adding amazing mouthfeel and rich flavor. Whip up a batch and we promise white miso powder will become part of your secret ingredient stash on your product development benchtop.