Soy Sauce Chocolate Truffles

% Ingredients

  • 61.00% Milk Chocolate
  • 32.00% Heavy Cream
  • 6.00% Reduced Salt Soy Sauce Powder 5307
  • 1.00% Light Corn Syrup

FOR GANACHE:  Mix heavy cream and Nikken product in a sauce pan, and bring to boil.  Once you reach a boil, remove from heat and add chocolate.  Continue to stir until Chocolate is melted and all ingredients are combined to create a chocolate sauce consistency.  Add light corn syrup to add an extra shine.  Then transfer finished ganache to a container with an air tight lid.  Let cool to room temperature, approximately five hours or until thickened. 

FOR THE CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES:  Scoop, or shape chocolate ganache into desired shape and place on a sheet pan in the refrigerator (about 10 min just to make the ganache stiff enough to work with).  Begin to melt the milk chocolate over a double boiler.  Pull the ganache out of the refrigerator and dip one by one into the melted chocolate with a fork.  Place finished truffle on parchment paper until chocolate is set.   

 tip** you can always enjoy your truffle without a chocolate coating.  There is always the option to roll the ganache in cocoa, chocolate Sprinkles or ground nuts.