Top 10 Food Blogs for Manufacturers

We know you don’t have a lot of free time but if you take an occasional lunch, we wanted to give you something to nosh on other than a sandwich. We’ve assembled a list of our favorite food focused blogs, some industry, some not. Some are just plain fun because you aren’t always wearing a lab coat, are you?

Consumer researched 

When you want to know what consumers think and anticipate a trend or two, Technomic is a great go-to specializing in “food industry research from field to fork.” This blog is an informative industry must-read.


From the Hart

From understanding Millennials to fast casuals to climate changes affecting seafood,  The Hartman Group’s blog educates on consumer insights and trends. Add this to your weekly reading list.


For the Food Scientists

Where science and food cross into the future, these blogs hit the mark. The Guardian has a killer food science section with posts two or three times a month that cover everything from processed and sustainable foods to mulled wine to GMO’s. It also covers news, sports, lifestyle – you name it.

For the Future Food Scientist

Science Meets Food is home to IFT’s students and is a fabulous 411 for those new to the industry. It gives a birds eye view of the food scientist’s perspective, something, from which we all could benefit.


Industry Driven

An industry staple, Food Manufacturing gives great insight into new products, packaging and manufacturing pioneers shaping our industry.


Universally Cool Part One

One of the top food blogs EVER. 2015 winner for “Best Written Blog” by Saveur Magazine’s annual blog review, Orangette is just plain pleasure for foodies, industry veterans, and home cooks. Because we can all learn from those outside our industry, so when it’s this gorgeous, we say “why not?”


Universal Cool Part II

This may be your impetus for signing up for tumblr. If you don’t know what it is, tumblr is a combo of Pinterest and facebook. Ok, so this isn’t really a blog but a tumblr by none other than Momofoku mastermind David Chang. Guaranteed trend worthy and mouth watering. And yes, that describes umami too.


Two from A Classic

Mark Bittman, Op-Ed Columnist for the New York Times and its magazine’s food columnist, has been blogging about food since 2011. Author of How To Cook Everything, Bittman covers everything in his two blogs from making the perfect pasta with clams to an overview in the food industry called “What We’re Reading Now.”


Trend Seekers

More of a global travel channel focused on food and flavors, the funnelogy channel is described as the “science of understanding the world we live in”. We really can’t say it any better than that. These are food and travel stories guaranteed to inspire.


The Challenge

It’s always important to be aware of the food industry information that is being fed to consumers. Science Babe challenges perspectives on industry issues and ingredients. Current and sometimes controversial, Science Babe uses her science savvy to debunk or shed light on food industry misinformation.

Take some time and peruse these. Hopefully you will be inspired to create a new application or learn something about consumers that might just surprise you. Either way, we hope you got to eat that sandwich!