Last, But Definitely Not Least: Meet the Z’s

With all the attention paid to Millennials, it’s hard to imagine another consumer group having the ability to distract and befuddle marketers. Wonder no more because Generation Z is moving in and bringing with them more than $44 billion in purchasing power. (Huffington Post, 2016) Loosely defined as those born between 1996- mid-2010’s/present, Generation Z is about 83 million strong (Williams, 2015)and 26% of the population. (National Restaurant Association, n.d.) Suffice it to say, Generation Z is the new power group.

All About Z Quality

The traits that make a Z tick are certainly present in other groups but it’s the unique blend of all the traits that defines Generation Z.

Tech Raised – Generation Z is the first to be completely raised in most of the technologies present today. The internet, texting, social media all existed or were born with them; Facebook, for example, was launched in 2004. Generation Z was born with an iPhone in its hand and a predisposition to selfies. This generation has never lived without technology and more than any other is dependent on their phones to manage everyday living. YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat rank in the top 3 as their social media of choice. (Paige, 2016) Digital ordering apps, social media engagement, and entertaining interactive venues to hang with one another attract the Z crowd.

Quick Bites– While Millennials are also known for being technology dependent, their choice of social media is more of the Facebook and Twitter realm. Generation Z appreciates quick bites of media, food and information. You name it – Z wants it small and they want it fast. Living life in short snippets is the name of the game, as fast as Z gains knowledge, they forget it. Generation Z is a big snacking group and their limited attention span creates opportunity for manufacturers.

Ang-Ziety – Born in a shakier economy, Generation Z is mindfully conservative and anxious about their future with the reputation of being career-driven, preferably at a midsize company and not as carefree as Millennials. Z’s also have the need to make money doing something they love.

 Authentic Transparency – Food manufacturers will want to satisfy Generation Z’s need for authenticity and transparency. Being born and raised during a time of the highest food and ingredient awareness movement, the Z’s will support companies who share sourcing and create authentic relationships with their consumers. Campbell’s recent decision to focus on transparency plays nicely into a strategy to meet Z’s halfway. Given the fact that teens today spend 20% more at restaurants compared to Millennials in 2003, this choice is smart. (Reuters, 2016)

“E” is for Ethnic; F” is for Flavor, “G&H” mean Good Health

Generation Z might prefer a convenient, quick bite but their flavor demand is long. Raised on ethnic cuisines full of bold flavors, Generation Z craves spice and heat, like their Millennial older siblings. If the ingredients are also hyper-local, even better. And being raised during heightened health awareness, Generation Z has a holistic view of food’s relationship to health but isn’t willing to sacrifice taste or quality.

Uniquely Normal

Just when you thought you heard it all, there is a new mashup: normovore.  Normvores are interesting individuals all on their own without symbols of uniqueness like tattoos and piercings. (Boysen, 2015)With a voracious appetite for normalcy, Generation Z just might be the agents of the “normcore” movement. Even David Chang called out overzealous foodies stressing that today’s youth might prefer Grandma’s cooking and food out of a truck to food fads. (Boysen, 2015)


Be Z Ready

Contact us today to make your next application Z-friendly. Our technical team speaks fluent “Z” especially when it comes to our real food, clean label ingredients.




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