Top Snapchat Food Accounts

Wow – did that happen fast! Snapchat, the social media app embraced by GenZ and Millennials alike, has surpassed both Twitter and Instagram in daily usage and has passed Instagram in the amount of time spent on it.1,2 As of June, 2016, Snapchat had 150 million users per day –that’s a whole lot of captured moments fading into 30 second obscurity but leaving lasting impressions. Users are attracted to Snapchat because it’s fast, silly, and temporary. Don’t mistake the lightheartedness of Snapchat as anything but serious business. We are seeing industry chefs, food bloggers, and publications snapping “stories” around their daily eats, finds and favorite food haunts. Here are some of our favorite Snapchat food accounts along with their handles.

Alton Brown (TheAltonBrown) – not needing any introduction, only Alton Brown can take followers through his love for Little Debbies and behind the scenes peeks at his national tour, Eat Your Science. The host of Cuthroat Kitchen and cult-fav Good Eats, Brown recently hosted on FoodNetwork’s Snapchat to rave reviews. The man is a legend.

Cupcakes and Cashmere (e.schuman) – has a great list of rules for posting on snapchat such as focusing on the small moments, changing angles, alternate between video and photos and personalize posts with handwritten short verbiage. All good advice from a talented blogger who focuses on food, fashion, decor, and more.

Spoontv (SpoonTV) – Self-dubbed “research for our generation,” Spoon University’s premise is simple: bring the “how to” of food through campus ambassadors to college-age students who are just starting to feed themselves.

Food Network (FoodNetwork) – Whether dissecting if healthy sandwich cookies could ever taste as good as Oreos (there’s nothing like an Oreo but some definitely come close) or reviving the great show “Unwrapped,” Food Network has embraced Snapchat thoroughly and is setting the standard for doing it right.  We especially liked recent posts “7 Awesome Things You Can Spiralize that Aren’t Zucchini” and “What Exactly is Bone Broth?”

Tastemade (Tastemade) – It all started with a website loaded with “shows” that vary from taking viewers around the world, profiling the backstories of famous chefs to creating tiny food in a tiny kitchen. The Snapchat channel is more of the same but in small, delicious bites. The beauty of Tastemade’s Snapchat is the rapid pace and informative how-to content that accompanies each post in the Discover section. Recent posts: bacon-wrapped bagels, toasted ice cream cakes, summer food hacks, and celebrating national ice cream sandwich day (August 2 if you missed it).

SORTEDfood (SORTEDfood) – Six university friends from Hertfordshire, England sit in the back of a bar sharing recipes, how to make them and places to eat them. They’ve created a food family of over 1 million followers who are part of their “cooking conversation;” Snapchat extends the discussion.

HangryDiary (HangryDiary) – Sisters Jocelyn and Justine Wong had careers but always had passion for food and eating out. And 85,000 Instagram followers seem to think that this dynamic duo has an eye for what tastes good. Follow their Snapchat and get ready to be transported to both L.A. and Japan, where they were raised. Equally obsessed with sweet and savory, the Wong sisters also are developing a YouTube channel that will take viewers behind the scenes of their famous blog.

The Infatuation (Infatuation) –Launched from the restaurant review site that largely depended on Instagram but is spending a lot of time working with Snapchat because of its instant impact and immediate interaction with customers. Famous for creating #EEEEEEATS, Infatuation built its brand around Instagram but sees the future in Snapchat. As a side note, more than 3.7 million Instagram posts have been tagged #EEEEEEATS.

Lettucedine (Lettucedine) – Started by two friends who are native to NYC, Lettucedine (read it out loud and you’ll get it) focuses on restaurants and eats in the East Village or Lower East Side. Lovers of noodles, dumplings and the like, Alice and Linda eat and share lots of carb-laced, comfort dishes and it couldn’t make us any happier to be along for the ride.

Devour Power (DevourPower)–Greg Remmey and Rebecca West travel around NYC and dig through the city’s many restaurants to find the best, unique and tastiest spots you might not have heard of, something they pride themselves on.

Happy Snapping!