Replace Yeast Extract with Nikken Solutions

With natural umami benefits, many of Nikken ingredients are perfect for yeast extract replacement. Consider Nikken’s 6100 Red Miso Powder – it does everything yeast extract can and more. Another powerhouse option to remove yeast extract and I+G is Nikken’s 5390 Fermented Rice Extract Powder. Below are just two examples of recipes where we successfully replaced yeast extract and achieved the same flavor intensity.


Nikken’s 6100 Red Miso achieves the same mouthwatering, umami-inducing effect in this traditional Asian sauce without depending on yeast extract. This solution brings the same flavor intensity as well as a clean label.


Yeast Extract Replacement 6100


If you’re challenged to replace both yeast extract and I+G, we can help. In our Creamy Butter Parmesan Sauce, Nikken’s 5390 Fermented Rice Extract works umami miracles and is able to achieve the same flavor intensity as the recipe with yeast extract and I+G.

Yeast Extract Replacement 5390