Your Source for Healthy, Delicious & Clean

Challenged to create great tasting products with recognizable, short ingredient statements? Our pantry friendly ingredients are the answer, offering clean label AND mouthwatering umami flavor enhancement.

  • Many of our ingredients satisfy Whole Foods, Panera, and Kroger free from 101 requirements.
  • Our specialized portfolio of clean products are carrier-free or are spray dried on Native Corn Starch, a recognizable pantry ingredient.
  • Many of our ingredients meet non-GMO and support gluten-free claims.
  • Our ingredients do not contain HVP, I&G or MSG.

Clean Label Products:

5305 Soy Sauce Powder

5390 Fermented Rice Extract Powder

2107 Champignon Mushroom Extract Powder

2115 Shiitake Extract Powder

2106 Shiitake Powder

1914 Seaweed Powder

6100 Red Miso Powder

7410 Umami Powder™

7503 Umami Medley®

1501 Shrimp Powder

Plus one extra,

1604 Fish Extract Powder