Will the Next Sriracha Please Stand Up?

Sit down at any restaurant from fast casual to fine dining and most likely, there’s a condiment or two on the table. That’s because condiments are HOT both in their trendiness and propensity towards heat. Condiments dress up any entrée while reflecting consumers’ interest in spicy ethnic flavors. With the condiment and sauce market reaching $33 billion in 2018 and growing 2.5% through 20211, we feel pretty confident saying that condiments and sauces can be big differentiators for restaurants. Some might speculate that the recent consumer obsession with condiments was ignited by sriracha.

It seems like everything today is dipped, covered, or accessorized in sriracha. You can find products ranging from sriracha beer to sriracha potato chips and even get as adventurous as sriracha donuts. Of course, the hot question is: what is the next sriracha? The answer is as varied as it is consistent. Meet the candidates for the “next sriracha.”

The Next Hot Condiments

Gochujang: Probably the most predicted to knock sriracha off its throne. A spicy chili paste local to Korea, gochujang is both fermented and spicy making it more than on-trend. Gochujang has such an interesting ingredient list: red chiles, fermented soybeans, sticky rice and salt. Traditionally used by Koreans in bibimbap and to amp up stews and braises, gochujang brings a sweet heat that’s addictive. Mother in Law’s has a line of Korean gochujang sauces in its original flavor along with their Tangy, Sesame, Extra Spicy and Garlic versions. Korean manufacturer, Chung Jung One, launched its Gochujang Spicy Mayo Sauce in the U.S with promises to infuse umami into burgers, dressings and more.

Harissa: Tunisia, at the northern tip of Africa, is known as the home to harissa, one of the top successors to sriracha. Also a red chile paste (there’s a pattern here), harissa is built around tang, smoke and heat garnered from blending vinegar, hot smoked Spanish paprika, garlic, coriander seeds and cumin with chiles. Harissa is a melting pot of ingredients likely due to its location near Spain, Morocco, Italy and Greece and it is used to accessorize meats, pasta sauces, sandwiches, vegetables, and soups. Moore’s Marinades and Sauces launched a line of sauces including a Harissa Hot Sauce that claims to have a very high “sweat” index. Sonoma Harvest has Harissa Olive Oil that takes popcorn to the next level that we think would be amazing when topped with parmesan cheese.

Tomato Achaar – Named the winner of the 2018 Frontburner Competition and a 2018 FABI winner, Brooklyn Delhi’s Tomato Achaar is an Indian condiment predicted to take the market by storm. Achaar (“pickled” in Hindi) has a base of tomatoes pickled with spices like fenugreek, turmeric and coriander. It’s savory, spicy and tangy flavor is recommended to be eaten with yogurt, dal, mixed with curries, or right off the spoon. Brooklyn Delhi’s product was created by Chef Chitra Agrawal from a family recipe.

Ssäm Sauce –We may have left the best for last. David Chang and Momofoku recently rolled out their Ssäm Sauce nationally introducing a whole new ball game.  Called a “sweet, spicy, umami bomb with notes of soy, sake, miso and red-hot Korean gochujang chili paste,” the sauce is available on Amazon for now with planned rollouts to grocers.2 The sauce compliments everything from burgers to chicken wings and even pizza (move over ranch dressing!). Available in Smoky, Spicy and Original, you can bet Ssäm sauce will be gracing the Nikken refrigerator SOON.

We’ve got some innovative recipes and umami bombs of our own that would make great partners for your sriracha application. Our technical team can help bring them to life. Contact us today.


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