The Best Plant Based Meat Substitutions

What Are the Best Plant-Based Meat Substitutions and Flavors Available?

Curious what’s the best plant-based meat substitutes available? Afraid you may be sacrificing flavor?

If you’ve dropped meat altogether or are on a passionate mission to reduce your saturated fat intake while increasing your fiber and vitamins for the day, we’ll walk you through the meat alternatives you need to try to believe. Plus, we’ll explain which powdered ingredients provide the best flavor enhancement!

Here are the top plant-based substitutions that “taste just like chicken” (and fish, steak, pork and beef!), and why you should consider their vegan doppelganger instead.


TOFU: Oh, you’ve heard of it? Frankly, Tofu can replace almost any protein you can throw at it. For the last 2000 years, this unfermented soybean has been kicking up the protein, iron and calcium of dishes that need baking, steaming, frying or sautéing.

At the end of the day, tofu is the plant-based hero at absorbing powdered ingredients. We recommend this traditional soy sauce powder for optimal flavor enhancement on your next Tofu stir fry!

CAULIFLOWER: Many non-vegans get their first taste of a meat-substitute without even knowing it thanks to how easily cauliflower replaces chicken in boneless buffalo wings or shredded nachos. It’s just another example of how the right mouthfeel and flavor make all the difference. This Komi powder blend will add the perfect balance of spiciness and heat to your next dish.


TEMPEH: Need a nutty, grainy protein that proves to be firmer than tofu and makes a great replacement for fish? Tempeh is a plant-based, soybean dish that packs protein, fiber, calcium and vitamins into every bite and even delivers probiotics to enhance gut health. Its flaky texture makes it perfect for fish-centric dishes like “crab” cakes or breaded “fish” filets.

We always find this seaweed powder and fish extract powder go swimmingly with your favorite “fish” dish.


SEITEN: Ah, the wonderful irony of vegan steak. If you’re looking for that tender, juicy flavor that captures the look and feel of steak, Seiten is your saving grace. Seiten is a wheat gluten with a chewy yet firm meat-like texture that you can knead to your firm preference for a delicious steak substitute that is great for grilling or frying on the cast-iron skillet.

Add our seaweed powder to compliment the characteristics of your barbeque creation.


TVP: Textured Vegetable Protein (or TVP as it’s more affectionately known) is a dehydrated soy that comes in granules and chunks that beg to be rehydrated so you can reproduce your favorite ground beef dishes like burgers, lasagna, meatloaf, etc.

LENTILS: Certainly a vegan go-to, lentils serve up a mushy, hearty purpose that make them a formidable (and colorful) alternative for ground beef in soups, stews, chilis, etc. Plus, you’ll be getting inexpensive access to the protein and fiber your body needs!

To enhance the meaty flavor of your ground beef substitute, consider our red miso powder. Also, our Shiitake extract and Champignon Extract mushroom powders work wonders here!


JACKFRUIT: Truly the magical fruit, jack fruit can stand-in for your favorite meat in a variety of savory dishes. Like tofu, it’s something of a “utility player” for vegans – but want to know where it really shines?

Use jack fruit to capture the texture and taste of pulled pork for your sandwiches and nachos. The right powdered ingredients can also match the flavor of your favorite Asian dishes due to jack fruit’s mild, sweet taste. Also, when baked and spiced properly, it can take on the characteristics of your favorite Indian, Mexican or Chinese dishes too.


MUSHROOMS: With a little help from its friends (like umami), mushrooms provide a rich, earthy taste that fill in nicely as a meat substitute for stroganoff, meatball and burger recipes, to name a few. Plus, you haven’t lived unless you’ve tried Portobello pizza!

BEANS: These guys are the inexpensive, healthy filler to complement chili, burgers (particularly of the black bean variety) and soups.

EGGPLANT: You name it, eggplant can become it. As a meat replacer, eggplant can be marinated and used in kebabs; it can be roasted into a tasty alternative for a steak sandwich; it can play a central role in “meaty” pastas; and it can even do a decent “bacon” impression when sliced super thin.

POTATOES: This side dish has been looking for its chance to take the lead role in your meal and when mixed with other plant-based ingredients, it succeeds. From burgers to soups to pancakes, potatoes are a versatile crowd-pleaser.

Nikken Foods can help you turn your next recipe into a savory success with the perfect powdered ingredients to transform your plant-based meat alternative into the real thing with our collection of spices and flavors.

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