Best Places to Travel for Unique Food Experiences

Travel opens a whole new world of cultures and cuisines.

You can learn a lot about a place by tasting the foods and ingredients native to that region. Let’s explore some of the best places to travel for unique food experiences (and how to capture that flavor and bring it back home with you). Here are 5 regions at the top of our list for unique food experiences:

The Sweet Flavors of Canada

There are many reasons to visit Canada, including the majestic landscapes, incredible wildlife, roaring Niagara Falls, and culture-rich cities of Quebec, Vancouver and Toronto. But, the food is another key reason people travel to this beautiful country.

Although Canadian cuisine is largely shaped by an immigrant influence, there are a few dishes that remain distinct to the northern region. The rich, decadent taste of maple syrup and the quintessential poutine treat (French fries, cheese curds and gravy) are two traditional testaments to Canadian’s savory flavor.

To get the same experience at home, consider creating dishes with hints of maple—maple-infused sausage, pancakes with maple flavoring, or even a batch of maple butter cookies. Or break out the fryer, chop up a few potatoes, and try your hand at creating your own rendition of Canada’s national dish of brown gravy and cheese curds over fries.

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The Bold Flavors of Korea

Although South Korea only encompasses a small area, it’s still a popular food destination for tourists. Korean food is heavily influenced by hundreds of years of cooking with regional flavors. Many central flavors associated with this type of cuisine include elements such as soy sauce, garlic, ginger, and red pepper flake. In contrast to other Asian dishes, Korean food often showcases a large basis on rice, vegetables, meats, and fermented ingredients. Barbeque and charred meats are also popular.

Once you arrive home, bring a bit of Korea back to your dinner table. Most neighborhood Asian markets offer both fermented and non-fermented condiments to spice up your favorite dishes. From there, follow your favorite recipe to cook the beef in the traditional Korean gourmet style.

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The Spicy Flavors of Thailand

Thai food is very prevalent around the world. Experiencing it on location is a bucket list item for many avid travelers and foodies.

At its core, Thai food is known for its use of fresh ingredients. Typical dishes are characterized by flavors of garlic, coriander, shrimp paste, fish sauce and chilies. Chicken and pork are the most predominant meats used, with fresh vegetables found throughout and rice or noodles served alongside the main dish.

Adding a bit of Thai influence to your home cooking makes for a very elegant dining experience. Explore ingredients to create your own spicy peanut sauce, hot and sour soup or other popular Thai delicacies. A dash of spicy chili sauce and fish sauce are easy ways to bring Thai cooking to your kitchen.

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The Savory Flavors of the Philippines

If you’re looking for another sunny vacation spot with exciting, tasty cuisine, the Philippines won’t disappoint. The rise in popularity of Filipino cuisine is a direct result of the cascade of flavors that happen when over 144 distinct ethno-linguistic groups contribute to the various dishes the country is known for.

Some areas are more prone to savory flavor dishes, while others prefer a combination of sweet, salty and tangy with infusions of pineapple and papaya. Popular items include chicken curry, adobo, special pastries and lots of coconut dishes.

Bringing a Filipino influence to your family’s table is quite easy. Many local Filipino markets in larger cities offer freshly baked pastries and desserts. You can also incorporate coconut milk into your favorite recipes or consider trying your hand at adobo, which is long considered the country’s national food.

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The Coastal Flavors of Spain

When it comes to traveling to Europe, Spain is a popular destination for those who love excellent cuisine. The food in this historically rich country is largely influenced by various settlers and conquerors who have taken over the peninsula in the last few thousand years. Each region has its own version of cuisine, traditionally enjoyed as shareable tapas dishes, with many including elements of fresh fish, pork, beef and beans.

Making Spanish cuisine at home isn’t difficult, but it’s important to note the variation ins spices between Spanish and Mexican food. Furthermore, each part of the country has a different style of cooking, which makes it important to decide on a flavor you like best and pursue the flavors of that area.

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Explore the World One Dish at a Time

When booking your next trip, be sure to consider these locations with unique food experiences.

Pay special attention to the flavors and cuisine that please your palette the most and bring that taste and style back home to your table. By harnessing the right flavors and international food trends, you can transport yourself nearly anywhere in the world.

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