Replace Your Favorite Milk Products with Dairy-Free Alternatives

These days, it’s not uncommon for a dairy indulgence to be an udderless endeavor.

Maybe it’s the fact that 65% of humans are lactose intolerant according to Genetics Home Reference, perhaps it’s the rise in veganism or maybe it’s because the dairy industry hasn’t exactly played a hero’s role in solving growing concerns regarding climate change as it relates to cow emissions or the unfavorable conditions of the livestock and laborers.

Either way, the Hustle reports that milk sales fell $1.1B last year, and it’s no secret that any milk product you can think of now has a dairy-free alternative.

We’ve reviewed the best plant-based meat substitutions in the past, but now Nikken Foods turns our attention to the top 5 dairy-based alternatives that are finding their way into consumers’ diets and lifestyles.

Dairy Alternatives for Milk

You’ll find the most variety of nondairy substitutes for milk, and in many ways, it will come down to your own taste preferences. If you’re looking to switch from cow milk without sacrificing your protein fix, soy milk is a strong substitute while still serving up the calcium and vitamins needed to “do your body good.” Nut-based milk products like Almond and Cashew Milk continue to be consumer favorites and can be easily purchased at your local grocery – but beware the rising sugar levels in ingredients. If you fancy stirring up your own milk alternative, there are a myriad of DIY milk recipes online.

Dairy Alternatives for Ice Cream

How many sprinkles and chocolate syrup you use is up for debate, but there’s no question how delicious dairy free ice cream can be when you use coconut milk as your featured, creamy ingredient. Similar to cow’s milk, coconut milk proves the perfect dairy-free alternative to match both the flavor and the texture of traditional ice cream. Soy milk is another great substitute if coconut flavor isn’t for you.

Dairy Alternatives for Butter

You won’t believe it’s not butter (cow’s milk butter, that is). Butter is a critical, versatile ingredient in so many dishes and requires a thoughtful substitute to match its role in cooking, baking or as a tasty spread. For baking, we prefer a coconut oil for recipes that don’t want to lose their caloric edge. Olive oil is most commonly used as a dairy-free alternative for butter in any cooking setting, and a freshly mashed avocado proves the perfect substitute for your sandwich spread.

Dairy Alternatives for Yogurt

Just like dairy-free milk, yogurt is a popular jumping off point for consumers who are exploring non-dairy alternatives. This is yet another texture and taste where coconut milk is closest to the traditional product, but soy and almond milk tend to add more protein into the mix. We’ve found that pureed silken tofu makes a great substitute to stir into recipes that call for yogurt ingredients. Or, just gather your favorite fruits and granola and blend up your own, custom yogurt with your favorite probiotic recipe online.

Dairy Alternatives for Cheese

To feel and taste like traditional cheese, we encourage a rich, creamy texture that comes from nuts like cashews for your dairy-free cheese. Plenty of vegan cheeses can be found pre-made at your store, including a walnut, sunflower and hemp seed Parmesan or a cashew kale cheese or even a shredded sweet potato cheese. Cheese comes in many shapes, sizes and flavors and proves the perfect place to start experimenting with dairy-free alternatives (or make your own!). Just don’t expect nondairy cheese to melt like traditional cheese on your nachos.

Nikken Foods has plenty of featured recipes and a large variety of tasty, powdered ingredients to transform any dishes (non-dairy or otherwise) into culinary champs.


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