Ingredients to Balance Your Mind, Body & Environment

Everyone is looking for ways to relax the day to day anxieties that can take a toll on your mind, body and environment. Consumers are seeking out the ingredients for good mood food that solve for their well-being as well as their eco-friendly goals.

When a health-conscious lifestyle drives the choices for what foods you eat, what products you use and what decisions you make, you can calm your inner and outer stress points with the right ingredients. And by paying more attention to how things affect our body, we ultimately pay more attention to how things affect our overall environment.

Here are some key ingredients recommended to provide relief where you need it most:

Calming Ingredients for Your Mind

  1. Ginger

Perhaps the most popular aromatic herb for clearing anxiety, this ingredient features Gingerol, an antioxidant, which makes it perfect for reducing harmful chemicals in your body as well as producing stomach acid to improve digestion which can be brought on by stress.

  1. Lavender

As a beacon of calm, lavender is most commonly used as an essential oil but can also be a key ingredient in soaps, cosmetics, food or drinks. Lavender acts as a sedative in the parts of the brain that handle emotion and reduce the levels of cortisol.

  1. Ashwagandha

Known as a rejuvenation herb, this medicinal ingredient also lowers cortisol levels which help trigger stress in people. In this way, regular use helps manage anxiety, depression and disrupted sleep by keeping you calm.

Healthy Ingredients for Your Body

  1. Chamomile

Typically found in a cup of tea, chamomile is rich in calcium and magnesium which helps calm your nerves, promote relaxation and ease jitters. This makes it the best remedy for sleep issues.

  1. Aloe Vera

This famous plant features allantoin which is known as a remedy for irritated skin by producing new skin cells that calm, hydrate and soothe skin. With such a large amount of antioxidants that protect skin from free radicals, aloe vera is a natural painkiller.

  1. Green Tea

Green tea features an array of health benefits that date back to when it was used in traditional Chinese and Indian medicine to treat bleeding and heal wounds. Now its polyphenols are used to regulate body temperature and even fight cancer.

Positive Ingredients for the Environment

  1. Waste less

This is our call to reuse the resources we have and waste as little as possible. By recycling and composting, you can take the most environmentally-friendly approach to eating. In the same way, always eat what you buy to ensure it stays out of the landfills.

  1. Keep it natural

Purchase all-natural, fresh ingredients that are locally sourced and hormone-free. Organic food ingredients ensure you’re putting the right products in your body while keeping the pollutants off the farmland.

  1. Consider a Plant-based diet

While meat is typically industrially-farmed, which creates a negative environmental impact, plant-based alternatives help reduce your saturated fat intake and increase your fiber and vitamin intake.

To learn how Nikken Foods ingredients and products can deliver mood-improving tastes and health benefits, please contact our team of food specialists today.