Southwest Taco Seasoning

% Ingredients

  • Base

  • 17.52% Salt, Fine
  • 20.43% 7036 Black Bean Powder
  • 13.14% Chili Powder, Medium
  • 13.14% Cumin Seed, Ground
  • 13.14% Coriander Seed, Ground
  • 13.14% Paprika, Ground
  • 6.57% Garlic, Granulated
  • 2.92% Oregano, Whole, Dried

Earthy, herbal, meaty, floral, classic SW taco spice flavors

1. Weigh all ingredients seperately
2. Combine in mixer with paddle attached
3. Mix at medium speed for 3 minutes
4. Store in a cool, dry place

Why these Nikken items were used:
7036 Fermented Black Bean Powder was used for its inherent meatiness and ability to enhance foods typical
of Southwest cuisine (beans, meats, fruits, and vegetables)

Recipe Origin and Purpose:
Inspired by 7036’s inherent flavors

Recipe Intro:
An umami packed version of everyone’s favorite taco seasonings. Great on beef, fish, shrimp, or chicken. Zest up mangos, avocados,
or salsas. Add layers and layers of flavor to beans, cheese dips, rice, and potatoes. Seriously, put this on everything!