Japanese for “delicious taste,” umami is one of today’s hottest culinary trends. Umami is a taste sensation that boosts flavor, creates harmony, assists in sodium reduction and promotes satiety. While umami’s properties are distinct from sweet, salty, bitter and sour, umami alters the perception of these tastes. The presence of umami can naturally enhance the saltiness of a product – helping food developers rev up taste sensation while keeping sodium content to a minimum.

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Japanese for “rich taste,” kokumi is a taste sensation best known for the hearty, long finish it provides to a flavor. Kokumi also provides a mouthwatering punch at initial taste, and lends an overall balance and richness to foods. Like umami, kokumi heightens the sensation of other flavors. Therefore, kokumi helps developers respond to consumer demands for healthier products, by allowing a reduction of sodium, sugar, oil, fat or MSG content – without sacrificing taste.

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