Spinach dip, along with dips in general, started to gain popularity in the U.S. in the 1950’s. As televisions became common in homes and formal parlor rooms transitioned into casual living rooms, snacking in front of the TV developed as a popular family pastime with chips and dip being an ideal option. Spinach dip in particular surged in popularity in the 1970’s, as the ingredients to make the dip were not readily available before then. The Knorr Food Company was the first reported business to put out a spinach dip recipe. Now, spinach dip is a staple that you will find at every super bowl party and at many restaurants.

Nikken’s goal for this spread is to create a cream cheese based spinach spread that can be served hot, cold, or used as a component of a recipe. Our 2300 Vegetable Extract Powder is used for umami enhancement and to elevate the spinach, vegetal and fermented notes. It also boosts the creaminess as well as the cheesiness, and provides a creaveable linger. Spread on pizza crust or dip your favorite crackers and veggies into it for a mouthwatering experience.

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