Citrus Soy Dipping Sauce

% Ingredients

  • 12.5% Lemon Juice, Single Strength
  • 12.5% Lime Juice, Single Strength
  • 25% Orange Juice, Single Strength
  • 19.2% Water
  • 4.7% Toasted Sesame Oil
  • 1.2% Ginger Paste
  • 14.3% Brown Sugar
  • 1.1% Instant Starch
  • 9.5% Light Colored Soy Sauce Powder - 5317

Mix lemon, lime and orange juices with water.

Slowly add toasted sesame oil while blending with immersion blender.

Mix together dry ingredients (brown sugar, instant starch and 5317 Light Colored Soy Sauce Powder).

Slowly add dry ingredients to liquid while blending with an immersion blender. Mix until completely dissolved.

Add ginger paste and whisk or blend until completely dispersed.