The Personal and the Technical: Local Grocery Store Joys

Perhaps my favorite weekend ritual is my Saturday morning walk, a joy that living in my small town provides. While on my walk, I connect to my town as well as my past. I can easily view the passage of time: the once small trees from years ago are now dropping limbs larger than their original trunks. More immediate time passing is evident as leaves emerge in their characteristic shapes and colors, blooming into mature green summer canopies and then shimmering in summer’s heat. Followed by, of course, the turn to brown, red or yellow as trees greet the fall, and then bare limbs ready for the snows.

One of the true joys of my regular travel through both my town and personal history is at the grocery store. Throughout the year, a food stand offers sandwiches and, sometimes, bakery items, prepared by local groups, charitable organizations and clubs. What’s not to love? I can purchase the food and find it fills my body and soul. Far beyond satisfying my appetite, this experience gives me the interaction with people who have rallied in an effort to help others in need.

How do my walk and local grocery store interactions relate to Nikken? It’s simple. Making a connection and helping others are two of the things I like most about my job with Nikken Foods USA.

As a Technical Services Associate, I’m involved in all sorts of conversations and “quests” for information to help customers. I have a strong background in regulatory matters and, since this area is always evolving, I receive daily inquiries for information on issues both big and small. Recently, I spoke with a customer who was preparing to commercialize a new product using Nikken ingredients, but had regulatory questions. I was able to provide them with the information needed to ensure their bases were covered as they produced the finished product.

I want Nikken customers to know that I am a partner for them in their efforts. Of course, I can handle requests for samples with ease. Beyond that, I want to be a key resource for information and, when needed, guidance on matters that will help customers achieve even more success with their products.