Must Have Holiday Flavors

At Nikken, we like the holidays as much as the next foodie. Especially Thanksgiving because when you are a food ingredient company what is better than a holiday that had its origins honoring a historic dinner?  There are no gifts to be bought, just the glorious planning and researching on what to serve and how to serve it, all culminating in a meal that takes days to prepare, minutes to consume and makes memories for a lifetime.

And if you’re anything like us, then we know you can’t wait for the November food magazines to arrive in your mailbox or on your tablet with all the holiday trends and recipes only a foodie could appreciate. We love the process so much that we decided to dedicate this blog post to a review of the food trends for this holiday season.

The Bitten Word, a blog that chronicles the adventures of cooking from food magazines, takes time each holiday season to focus on Thanksgiving trends.  Most notable, in 2013, are large appetizer spreads, brûléed pumpkin pies, and savory desserts. We have focused on savory dessert enthusiasm with our Bacon Miso Caramel Sauce featuring our Red Miso Powder. The Red Miso powder enhances the sweet brown notes of butterscotch and caramel in the sauce and provides a complex and rich finish. Red Miso Powder also makes chocolate taste even more “premium”. It would be a perfect addition to your holiday dessert cheesecake or as inspiration for your next holiday recipe. Try the sauce on breakfast meats for a sweet/salty morning sensation.

Another trend we’re seeing is the popularity of international cuisines making their way to the holiday table. While it’s a trend that has appeared prominently in snacks, and fusion foods like street fare, it’s popping up on the pages of food magazines and websites as inspiration for this holiday season. A recent survey by found that ethnic flavors such as Italian, German, French and Mexican will be making an appearance at Thanksgiving tables this year.

So if you’re looking to infuse your holiday table with the latest trends this year, visit for some inspiration. And request a sample or two…we highly recommend the Red Miso powder 6100.  It’ll be the talk of your holiday table or product development benchtop.