Trending: Give a Boomer Some Love

Sure, Millennials are the cool kids as far as consumer groups go but there’s another group that shouldn’t be overlooked. The Baby Boomers. Did you know that the Baby Boomers (aged 50-68) account for over 50% of all consumer spending yet only 10% of all marketing dollars are targeted towards them? And they control over 63% of the assets in the United States. 1 The Millennials are the IN crowd but we believe Boomers have a lot to offer.

Indulge us for a minute or two. We are going to present some pretty concrete evidence that Baby Boomers (who are living as much as three decades longer than previous generations!), should receive more of your foodservice R&D and marketing attention. With a $709 billion dollar industry that has grown for the last six years and the expected 27% increase in dining out for the next five years, the dining habits of Boomers is definitely something worth casting a spotlight on.2,3

Boomer’s Stats

  • 76 million strong
  • Big savers with more disposable income than any other consumer group
  • Spend approximately $2600 per year dining out compared to $2100 for other consumer groups4
  • 45% of Boomers love all things food including visits to trendy restaurants, perusing food related websites, watching cooking shows on t.v and trading restaurant tips with friends5

What Boomers Like To Eat When They Eat Out

  • 53% of Boomers are most influenced by local foods and ingredients when choosing a dining spot6
  • 26% more Boomers are ordering fresh, cooked to order menu items 7
  • 38% report watching their sugar intake when dining out8
  • Because their taste buds are waning, bold flavors appeal to Boomers.

Where Boomers Like to Eat Out

  • This group reported a 20% increase in visitation to fast-casual restaurants, with 65% indicating high expectations of “excellent service” and 58% indicating that their expectations were met by the fast-casual brands.9
  • They will shop for gourmet prepared foods at higher end grocers.
  • 46% report that cost is an issue when choosing a dining spot making fast-casuals perfect for them right inline with the average10
  • When Boomers eat out, 52% is “dine in” instead of take-out or delivery.11
  • Healthy options are important to Boomers at most meals but don’t assume that treats are a no-no. Boomers like to indulge and celebrate.

Boomers Are Techy Too

  • As many boomers as Millennials (10%) use a smartphone to order their meals at least once/week12
  • 19% of Boomers look up nutritional info on a smartphone at least once/week compared w/14% of millennials13
  • Boomers 26% as more likely to use restaurant tech apps than would have two years ago.14

Want to Attract Boomers?

Make sure to provide15:

  • A welcoming environment,
  • More lighting,
  • Less noise,
  • Easy-to-read menus,
  • Comfortable seating,
  • Provide personal attention
  • Options for smaller portions
  • Incentives or discount programs


It’s A Boomer Kind of World

So remember the Boomers for your next concept, whether for in home or foodservice. They aren’t that much different from the Millennials except maybe their deeper pockets.



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