Trends: Kokumi / A New Taste In Town

Has five become six? We talk a lot about the fifth taste, umami. But there’s a new kid in town and chances are, your customers really like it. It’s kokumi. Recently named by IFT as one of the top 5 ingredients to watch1, kokumi has been categorized by some as a taste, others a flavor enhancer, and still others, a flavor. No matter which it is, it is clear that kokumi is worth savoring and could be on its way to becoming the sixth taste.

What is Kokumi?

Japanese for “rich taste,” kokumi is a taste sensation best known for the hearty, long finish it provides to a flavor. And, similar to umami, kokumi has glutamate in its composition but unlike umami, kokumi doesn’t naturally occur in certain types of food but it is a compound existing in food. Kokumi’s power lies in the mouthwatering punch it provides at initial taste and its ability to lend both balance and richness to foods. We have seen first hand the power of kokumi to transform reduced and low-fat applications into richer, thicker options with more mouthfeel.

The Power of Kokumi

The flavor kokumi creates is downright craveable and is a fabulous solution for applications where you are looking to reduce fat or sodium. And we here at Nikken are happy to have an easy solution for you to bring kokumi to consumers. Our 7400 KomiTM Powder brings balance and richness to food while creating that mouthwatering, thick flavor consumers crave. The applications are endless for Komi.

Where we are with kokumi is reminiscent of the journey researchers had to take to convince the scientific community about the existence of umami. As the undeniable power of multi-faceted kokumi becomes more recognized, we will be ready to help you bring it to your consumers.