Top Jerky Trends

High protein has become an increasingly popular demand from consumers, so it’s no wonder that the jerky market is on the rise. The global jerky market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.54% during 2018-2023, and It’s estimated to have a value of 3.68 billion dollars in the United states as of 2018. While being diet friendly and convenient, along with having a growing number of options and novel flavors, consumers can expect their high protein demands to be met in interesting ways. Below are a few of the top trends in the jerky market.

Plant Based Jerky

High protein may be in high demand, but not all consumers want to get their protein from meat. Whether they’re vegan/vegetarian, or looking to live a healthier lifestyle, plant proteins have become a tremendous source for conscious consumers. Plant based jerkies are made from beans, nuts, flax, mushrooms, coconut and seaweed. Soy, seitan and mushrooms are the best plant-based choice to mimic the texture of beef jerky, and with the right seasonings, can taste pretty similar.

Unusual and Exciting Flavors

It’s no secret that consumers love novel flavors. Beer chips, coffee flavored chocolate and wasabi soy crackers all come to mind. There have been numerous offerings of jerky with unique flavors that pique the interest of consumers. Some of our favorites are pineapple habanero, ginger teriyaki, maple hickory bacon and sweet cherry.

Jerky Pairings

Jerky can be the perfect on the go, convenient snack, however it’s also great when paired with other foods or beverages. Here are some of the top jerky pairings:

  • Jerky and Beer: Just like wings and beer have been a staple, jerky and beer pairs great too. Some popular flavor combos are BBQ jerky with a dry stout, Spicy jerky with an IPA, and Teriyaki jerky with a Golden Ale.
  • Jerky and Cheese: Of course meat and cheese go together, it’s a classic combination found at almost every party. Most people use meats like salami and sausage, but have never thought to try jerky. Asiago cheese with Cajun BBQ jerky, Gouda or Swiss with Smoky jerky, and Havarti cheese with a cherry maple jerky sound delicious.
  • Beef Jerky and Salad: Here’s that high protein demand again. Consumers love to add lean protein to a salad to help keep them fuller longer and stay healthy. Typically, people will use grilled chicken or steak, but jerky can be an interesting twist. With so many flavor options, salads can be totally customizable.

Healthy snack

Jerky is actually a great snack for those trying to lose weight. It’s low in carbs, calories, and the protein content helps keep people feeling fuller, longer. Not to mention, most companies are switching over to cleaner labeled products, and doing away with things such as MSG, I+G, high sodium, etc. Both plant and meat jerkies can be an excellent addition to a diet.