The “A-ha” Solution: Umami 101

Become An Umami Expert with Umami 101

Umami – the IT flavor more than ever, but what really IS umami? This short course, which qualifies for both CFS* recertification contact hours and CRC/CCS** certification renewal contact hours, will take you on an educational journey from the history of the fifth taste, to its starring role solving the development challenges you face on a daily basis.

In a one-hour educational workshop customized for you, Nikken shares how umami delivers craveable, unbelievable flavor profiles using ingredients derived from real foods.

You will experience:

  • The evolution of umami and its role in taste
  • Tastings that demonstrate umami solutions for flavor enhancement, salt reduction, fat replacement, removal of ingredients such as MSG and I+G.
  • An understanding of the umami impact by real food ingredients
  • Your umami “a-ha” moment

To schedule your Umami 101 presentation, contact us today at and get ready to say, “Wow! Umami Did THAT?”


*This program qualifies for Certified Food Scientist (CFS) recertification contact hours (CH). CFS Certificants may claim a maximum of 1 CH for their participation in this program.  For more information, please visit or email

**This program qualifies for 1 contact hour towards the RCA’s Certified Research Chef (CRC) or Certified Culinary Scientist (CCS) Certification renewal contact hours. For more information, please visit email Jamila Taylor at