Top 10 Food-Related Twitter Accounts: For Those Who Eat, Work Or Are Obessessed With Food

Ok we admit it: we are Twitter lurkers. We have found that there is a lot on Twitter that relates to our business, industry and the whole world of food –all of it educational and very tasty.  There is a bounty of Twitter feeds from chefs, industry publications and organizations, print and digital magazines and of course, foodies. We thought it might be fun to share the top Twitter feeds that fortify us with the inspiration and knowledge to become better innovators, scientists, and students of food, taste, and umami.

Here’s some #foodforthought.

BON APPETIT   Bon Appetit has stylized food and began sharing it with the masses in a variety of forms in 1955.  they do a beautiful job teasing us with tummy-rumbling images and content that might focus on the hot dog or how to treat vegetables like meat. With over 1.26 million followers since its inception in 2009, this is a feed worth following.

BUZZFEED FOOD EDITOR/VENESSA WONG  Venessa is the deputy food and business reporter for BuzzFeed, the Millennial bible of food, news, and pop culture, among other things. Food news (Hostess deep fried Twinkie, anyone?) and a tasty feed that just makes us hungry.

FOODIMENTARY  For a pure historic food reference, be sure to visit Foodimentary. Started in 2006 as a website and in 2008 on Twitter, Foodimentary was one of the first food related Twitter accounts and was created by John-Bryan Hopkins, a self-proclaimed social media early adopter [1]. Celebrating all things food, Foodimentary creates national food holidays and tweets about them, linking to their site which shares historic events and facts related to the food. Google even incorporated Foodimentary’s calendar into theirs last year. FYI – today we celebrate National Gingersnap Day!

FOODINSIGHT  Obsessed with the science behind our food, Foodinsight is the Twitter feed for the International Food Information Council (IFIC). Foodinsight educates industry professionals and consumers with original and shared content centered around categories like food labeling, health and wellness, safety, technology, sustainability and production/manufacturing. IFIC conducts an annual survey to gauge the American consumer’s beliefs and behaviors about food.

JAMIE OLIVER  With more followers (5.6 million) than all the above feeds combined, Jamie Oliver is a chef whose Twitter feed speaks to consumers. His fight for healthier eating for all, especially children has been well documented on TV and online. Chef Oliver’s @foodrevolution feed and program is helping to transform school lunches, mealtimes and mindsets.

NEW FOOD ECONOMY  “For people who want to understand food.” Positioning itself as the link between the rapidly changing food landscape, resulting economy and the consumer, the NEW FOOD ECONOMY was started by Jeffery Kittay. NFE’s Twitter account went live in 2014 and although its followers are currently small in numbers, the content is informative, impactful and thought-provoking.

OTTOLENGHI  Yotam Ottolenghi transformed the vegetable category and its members into rock stars with finesse, melodic flavor and beautiful photography. His cookbooks, like Plenty, along with his Twitter feed which links to his Instagram make the mouth water. This Twitter feed is umami for the eyes and the soul.

SMARTBRIEF FOOD  A content curator for food industry news and happenings, Smart Brief Food boils down everything you need to know – all in one place. Restaurant news, consumer insights, new product development are all part of the feed. Part of a larger conglomerate Smart Brief which does the same things for other industries as well.

SUPERMARKETNEWS  Dubbed the “leading resource for news, insights, information and more for #food #retail #grocery professionals,” Supermarket News’s Twitter feed has over 18K followers who benefit from the market information, comings and goings, openings and closings of the retail supermarket industry. Trends, consumer insights and category information is yours to gain by following this industry pub’s feed.

TASTING TABLE  Tasting Table interacts with its followers in a fun, tongue in cheek manner teasing with quizzes, product reviews, and inspiring content (Why Chefs Love Pearl Jam). All link to “how-to” recipes/videos, city dining guides, restaurant reviews and more. It doesn’t taste or look any better than this.

If any of these Twitter feeds inspire your product development, contact us today for how to incorporate our real-food ingredients into your application. Let’s get the conversation going #NikkenFoods USA #YUM-ami