Top YouTube Food Channels Worth Watching

Welcome to 2017! In order to keep bringing you the hippest, hottest and newest in the food world, we thought it would be fun to highlight something consumers have increasingly become attached to on their smartphones and computers: YouTube. If you haven’t taken a lunch break and checked out the video service lately, you might be surprised to learn that pretty much every chef, company or food personality has their own YouTube channel. Check out a few of our favorites…but be careful. That lunch break could turn into an hour and before you know it, you’ll be gathering your innovation team inspired from an episode you’ve streamed.

Here are some that we think are worth a lunch hour (or two):

Tasty 1,891,598 subscribers

BuzzFeeds’ food channel targets and challenges viewers every day with small quick bites set to upbeat music and kitschy computer graphics on how to make sweet treats, quick snacks and weekday meal hacks. Millennials love this channel, and it offers a lot for everyone.

Laura in the Kitchen  2,649,174 subscribers

Super enthusiastic, self-taught Italian food maven, Laura Vitale, teaches viewers how to make everything from Italian classics like Italian Sausage soup or comfort foods like corn dogs or homemade tater tots. Laura’s comforting, girl next door manner explains why her Ultimate Nutella Shake episode had almost a million views— that’s a whole lot of hazelnuts. While many of the recipes are Italian like zabaglione or Italian Sausage Soups, there are twists on classics like cookie dough waffles and zoodles with peanut sauce.

Good Mythical Morning  11,662,601 subscribers

Part comedy act, part bromance. GMM’s Rhett and Link look to answer questions that we all are thinking of and are famous for their food mashups. Masters at taking foods or classic recipes and applying them to other formats, GMM asks the question “Will it____?” with total seriousness and hilarious results. For example –  the recent inquiry of “Happy Meals…Will it Fruitcake?” Or “Spinach Artichoke Dip…Will it Corndog?” have had over 11 millions subscribers coming back for more each Wednesday. And their taste tests analyze topics like fresh vs frozen food or organic vs non-organic with opinions that are fresh, funny and definitely appealing.

Food Wishes  1,680,367 subscribers

Chef John and partner up with the practical goal of teaching viewers cooking fundamentals and techniques. The channel’s recent New Year’s episode focused on bacon wrapped porchetta. Viewers just hear Chef John’s soothing yet informative voice and see his hands preparing the recipe. Pretty handy.  Food Wishes corresponding blog gives more background info to accompany the video while offering up recipes approximately every two weeks.

FoodTube / Jamie Oliver  2,756,592 subscribers

Promising to post whatever he feels like, Chef Jamie Olive shares recipes, tips and uses experts to share info on topics like how to take great food photos on your smartphone. Some of our favorites include an amazing hot and sour soup or a scrumptious midnight one pan breakfast.

Everyday Food / Sarah Carey  735,705 subscribers

The former Martha Stewart Living magazine has become a full time YouTube video channel with its “how to” format intact and is a perfect fit for the today’s technology. Most of the videos are between 3-8 minutes and offer tips and tricks and full-fledged recipes for weekday meals and entertaining.

More Yummy Channels:

Hellthy Junk Food – promises a new recipe hack of fast food favs every Sunday at 9am like Giant CrunchWraps, and the World’s Largest Big Mac. The giant chicken nugget episode on November 27 had over 2.5 million views.

BBQ Pit Boys – YouTube’s “#1 channel for barbecuing and grilling.” If it can be grilled, they’ve done it and will teach viewers how.

America’s Test Kitchen – A supplement to the popular PBS show that gives viewers the ability to watch recent featured cooking techniques at their own speed.

Munchies – Food channel from VICE. Approaches food from a global perspective. Chef Mario Batali has a show within this channel called Moltissimo, showcasing dishes from regions of Italy for celebrity guests.

David Chang / Lucky Peach – Food trends, new ingredients, and dishes are mouthwateringly shared. Check out the episode on the Miso Butterscotch topping – we’ve got a pudding that’s has a similar profile.

We’re Tuned In

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