Shiitake Mushroom Extract Powder – 2115

Taste: charred, tangy, bitter, bold iron like minerality
Aroma: rich earthy minerality, oaky, aged
Umami Descriptors: mouthwatering, tangy, complementary enhancement

Taste Companion Guide

Have fun exploring limitless taste possibilities and pairings with shiitake mushrom extract powder!

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Popular PairingsSurprise PairingsChef’s Notes
Mushroom + garlic + onionMushroom + bacon + black beansThis is a bold, intense Shiitake extract that will
undoubtably add taste and umami in ways
you will not find anywhere else. This is a must
have on any bench to fill
maillard taste gaps
that herbs and spices can't dream of reaching.
Mushroom + bacon + hamburgerMushroom + cocoa + cinnamon
Mushroom + chicken thigh + jack cheeseMushroom + coffee + ancho chili