Miso: Your Application’s Missing Ingredient

The path to mouthwatering taste, sodium reduction and unbelievable umami comes in one word—miso. Whether red or white, miso is the ingredient your application was missing all along. Consumers are becoming more comfortable than ever with trend-forward miso given its probiotic beginnings and comfort in ethnic dishes. We’ve got the intel on miso and why it makes the difference:

  • CONSUMER INTEREST – Consumer interest in miso is easy to spot as Google searches for miso in the United States have more than doubled in the past ten years.1 Topics related to specific diets like “is miso gluten free?” (it is) or “is miso paleo?”(it isn’t) reflect the consumer’s desire to incorporate healthy ingredients into their diets that add big taste.
  • VERSATILE – Miso meets consumers’ goals for both flavor and experience. Its stealth flavor profile makes it a superstar in sauces and soups but adds an element of intrigue to ice-creams and desserts. Technomic reports that restaurants are choosing to incorporate miso into salad dressings to appeal to customers’ expanding palates inspired by their
  • SODIUM REDUCTION Say goodbye to unwanted sodium and hello to a hefty dose of umami when you incorporate white miso in your applications. Health conscious consumers appreciate the benefits of reduced sodium and mouthwatering taste.
  • POPULAR – #miso references total almost 575,000 posts on Instagram and #misosoup has 328,000, showing consumers’ infatuation with miso as an ingredient. The miso ice cream images will make your mouth water. A Google search for miso yields almost 32,000,000 entries, which is an increase of 14% since last year.
  • TREND WORTHY – Savory profiles are showing their comfort in sweet applications and miso is a trend worthy partner for making that transition. As the American consumer’s sweet tooth becomes used to the savory touch, ingredients like miso make it easy for chefs, restaurants, and manufacturers to win them over.


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