The New Vegan Lifestyle

It’s been named the #1 trend of the year and could be the number one of the decade.1 And obviously if you’re one of the 6% in the world who choose to eat vegan, you’re probably happy that everyone else might be catching on to what you already know: vegan is a huge player in the future of food. Beginning as more of an animal rights movement, veganism has gradually shifted and transformed into a total lifestyle built around the topics of environmental protection, carbon blueprints and overall health explaining the 500% growth in the number of consumers embracing the vegan lifestyle since 2014.2 Dairy is what separates the vegan from the vegetarian— as more and more consumers are becoming wary of the dairy in their diets, we’ve seen a huge increase in number of accessible, good tasting vegan alternatives.

Consider this your vegan primer for 2018 – we captured a cool assortment of the places and brands that will make living a vegan lifestyle in 2018 both flavorful and easy.

Vegan Fast Food

Just because you are vegan doesn’t mean that you can’t appreciate the merits of pulling up to a window and getting a bag of tasty food on the quick. These brands know this and are making a name for themselves in the fast-food world.

Plant Power Fast Food – This SoCal outpost ironically started in a closed Burger King now has two locations promising 100% plant-based protein “burgers” and “chicken” sandwiches with favorites like Buffalo Chicken as well as Classic Burgers. With food is packaged in biodegradable containers using renewable resources like corn, sugar cane and potatoes and compostable straws, this strategy fits their brand and pleases their clientele. The company’s own market analysis reveals that their customer base is built on “omnivores who want to try something new.”3

by Chloe.  – With over $40 million in sales, by Chloe. is converting all kinds of ‘vores to their brand of house-made burgers, fries, pasta and more in NYC, Boston, LA and Providence. Their sweet potato-cashew cheese sauced mac n’ cheese topped with shiitake bacon sounds like something we’d love to try. And the famous Guac Burger, made with black beans and quinoa, would be next in line.

Tyme – Truly for the consumer on the go and reflective of the “jar salad” social media hype, Tyme layers up tasty vegan meals in reusable recycled plastic containers and sends them weekly to NYC clients. With ethnic flavors like Asian or Mexican, these high-quality, portable meals make being vegan easy. Their Falafel meal sounds like a Middle Eastern tribute built with quinoa tabbouleh, hummus, roasted carrots topped with falafel and a harissa dressing.

Earth Burger – This Texas-based veggie burger stand, reminiscent of favorite classic fast food establishments, have drive-thrus and kids’ meals.  Earth Burger is even available at The Mall of America in Minneapolis. And we think there’s no better way to shop than having one of Earth Burger’s vegan coconut soft serve in hand.

Not Blogging Around

These are two of our favorite vegan-centric food blogs

Deliciously Ella – What started as a blog documenting recipes created to manage an illness has grown into an empire. There are packaged energy balls, three deli locations in Ella’s hometown of London and an app all created for the vegan community. The Miso Aubergine and Bok Choy Stir Fry? Swoon.

The Minimalist Baker –  While not entirely vegan, Dana and John have created a site centered largely around plant-based eating with recipes that can be created in under 30 minutes with less than 10 ingredients. Dip into the Cashew-less Vegan Queso made from eggplant for the next big celebration.

Hit the Road, Vegan

Vegan travel destinations are expected to be the hottest travel trend in 2018 and beyond. These destinations make it easy for consumers to pack their bags.

Albaspina Organic Farm / Vincenza Italy – While Italian cuisine might seem challenging for a vegan, Albaspina Organic Farm is dedicated to making it beautifully easy. With all the dishes built around biodynamic and organic produce, the eco-constructed farm dependent on renewable forms of energy caters to all dietary needs.

Spread Eagle / London – Following in London’s Coach and Horses footsteps as the first vegetarian pub, Spread Eagle is the city’s first 100% vegan pub. The tacos with vegan chorizo, vegan fried chicken scallops and the beer-battered “tofish” with the deep fried capers sound incredible.

We suspect you have a vegan application or two on your project list—many of our real food ingredients are vegan-friendly and seriously clean.