Environmentally Friendly: Nikken’s Sustainability Process & Commitment

At Nikken Foods, our sustainability program is an ongoing process encompassing on two key areas: social responsibility and environmental friendliness. We focus on being responsible towards the environment, and on the well-being of our employees who work so hard to share the joys of good taste and health around the world.

Our People

Embracing diversity, safety, and a positive workplace atmosphere are all cornerstones to creating social sustainability. We value the contribution of our employees, regardless of gender, race, disability, or sexual orientation, and take time to listen to their input to improve work environments. We are a member of SEDEX and are approved by SMETA Audits, and continue to improve our best practices to achieve success for our employees as well as the company.

Community Involvement

Nikken Foods’ mission is to improve our communities by promoting better nutrition and eliminating hunger, but this plays out in many different ways. From our corporate facility participating in volunteer events and cleanup rallies, to our employees partnering with a local shelter and food pantry, we’re committed to making a difference. No matter where in the world, Nikken is proud to have employees of all levels devoted to making a positive impact on the community.

Environmental Friendliness

Our delicious ingredients come from both land and sea, and we are committed to sustainable sourcing and environment friendliness, with our corporate headquarters being ISO 14001 certified. We also maintain a 3.7-acre organic farm and year-round greenhouses for our employees and the community. The farm is JAS-certified (Japan Agricultural Standards), which mean all waste is recycles recycled or composted.


Nikken Foods’ has implemented a robust Business Continuity Plan so that we can become self-sustained. We have a clean and self-dependent energy system, an on-site LNG satellite terminal for natural gas, an in-house well and water processing system, and anti-seismic reinforcement of Nikken’s headquarters resistant to earthquakes sup up to 6 on the Japanese 0-7 seismic scale.

Why Sustainability?

Sustainability encompasses so many things, but ultimately in the end, it represents a respect for our environment, our employees, the community around us, and the generations to follow. us. Nikken Foods strives to share the joys of good taste and health, both today and for the days to come.