Mocktails Have Gone Mainstream

Hold the alcohol and make it a double.

Booze-free beverages are bringing more people to the bar scene for a specialty drink experience. In fact, Mintel reported that by 2016, alcohol-free mixed drinks had grown by 35% on the local restaurant and bar menu and the trend was still rising. Nielsen’s State of the Nation report confirmed that more than one in four Americans wants to cut back on alcohol consumption.

So, why is the biggest trend in bars suddenly the non-alcoholic option?

Whether it’s for dietary reasons, the health and wellness movement, personal recovery or just to create a more comfortable bar environment, patrons are enjoying the extensive, quality ingredients and artful mixology by bartenders that result in a delicious drink without the eventual hangover.

A study of bartenders and patrons in London, Los Angeles and New York by Distill Ventures revealed some interesting trends. In London, 61% of patrons want non-alcoholic drinks while 55% of bartenders expect that interest to grow. 83% of Los Angeles bar managers agree.

Forbes recently reported that Google Trends have seen exponential search volume for “mocktail” and “non-alcoholic.” From Dry January to Sober October, no to low-ABV is here to stay and manufacturers, chefs and restaurants aren’t wasting time in making it part of their repertoire.

The trend has shifted the behavior of major brewing and soda brands as well who are creating their own alcohol-free selections to help be more inclusive to their customer base as well as diversify their revenue stream.

What all-natural ingredients lead to the best mocktails?

Mocktails aren’t just known for their non-alcoholic content – they attract patrons who are looking for a mixture of quality, natural ingredients to bring out the best flavors in their drink.

As an authority in natural ingredients with savory results, Nikken Foods is a big supporter of the mocktail movement because it centers around three key trends that we firmly believe in.

We’ve discussed the health benefits of botanical extracts before, and they have a firm place in the mocktail bar scene. Plants like chamomile, ginger, elderflower, ginseng and others help balance healthy options with colorful, flavorful finishes to your favorite drinks.

(Try our roasted onion extract powder – 2230 ingredients for an incredible aroma that’s only matched by its taste.)

Similarly, organic food ingredients keep health and wellness at the forefront of the mocktail movement by removing chemically-processed or synthetic ingredients from your beverage. Nikken Food’s clean label pantry has been a go-to for USDA Certified Organic powders and ingredients.

(We love our organic white miso – 6115 ingredient for its salty, savory flavor.)

Additionally, clean eating trends have helped propel how bartenders craft their mocktails by keeping it natural, using plant-based ingredients, providing a hearty, filling mouthfeel, staying sustainable and keeping gut health in check.


(Our traditional soy sauce powder – 5305 is the perfect umami flavor pairing to any plant-based ingredients.)

Whatever your no-proof preference, the in-house food scientists at Nikken Foods are here to help you design the perfect flavor for your mocktail product. Contact us today to discover what high-quality, natural beverage solution is best for you.