History of Sauces

Sauces have been changing how we eat food as long as we can remember with recipes dating back to Roman times. Whether it’s simply accompanying the meal or a crucial part of the dish, sauces provide that extra bit of pizzazz to take flavors and textures from simple to extraordinary. Cultures around the worlds have their own unique histories of sauce, from spicy to sweet, from chunky to smooth.

At Nikken Foods, we’re passionate about crafting specialty ingredients for sauces and more. We’re experts in providing natural savory ingredients to create unique applications and we want to help inspire you with all of the possibilities sauces can bring. Here are a few sauces our technical experts created to highlight the functional benefits and taste of our ingredients.

Sauces are without a doubt one of the most versatile ways to enhance a meal, and at Nikken Foods we are committed to providing the best natural ingredients to make your sauces top notch. We believe in promoting maximum taste, for any application and for every recipe. Call us to learn more about any of our ingredients, and for tips and techniques to help make your next recipe truly delicious.