The Clockless Eating Trend Meets Today’s Flexible Schedule

The Clockless Eating Trend Meets Today’s Flexible Schedule

While clockless eating has grown in prevalence over the last decade, a considerably larger number of consumers are turning towards it during COVID.

The greater demands on us all in this stressful time, as well as the flexibility of increased work-from-home positions, means all-day snacking trends are on the rise. By its definition, clockless eating doesn’t have to adhere to a rigid schedule. It allows you to eat whenever you’re hungry and able. Younger generations especially have adopted this behavior by shedding the three-meal patterns of the past and replacing it with eating smaller portions throughout the day.

Keeping up with consumers, snacking has upped its game. More food manufacturers are looking to produce snack-sized dishes with greater variety and flavors to tide you over through the day while preventing food-boredom. Increased delivery services place the power of effortless meals at your fingertips – one ‘checkout’ click away.

Here’s how to stay healthy while taking part in the clockless eating trend.

  1. Choose healthy alternatives

While snacks are often thought of as an indulgence, put more effort into the nutritional value of your food choices. Afterall, clockless eating means small meals are replacing larger ones. Don’t throw out your treats, but make sure to look for healthier (yet, delicious) alternatives to enjoy throughout your day. They’ll give you a bigger boost of energy, and leave you feeling better.

  1. Understand the allure of convenience

Especially when snacking, we tend to eat what’s on hand as it’s quicker. This can lead to forgetting (or ignoring) health-based goals in hungrier moments. Prepare meals and snacks before you’re too famished to care what you reach for. Meal prep for the week and divide them into packets or containers so they’re easily reachable. You can also create a list of delivery services which provide the kind of foods you want to snack on.

  1. Recognize when you’re actually hungry

Sometimes, it’s hard to know whether we’re actually craving food, or are treating snacks as distractions, stress-relief, or boredom-wrought compulsions. Thirst and fatigue can often be mistaken for hunger so stay hydrated and rest up. Also, try to think of the root cause of your cravings to rule out emotional pressures. Eat only when you’re hungry by learning how to read the signs of your body, such as an empty feeling in your stomach, growlings and an inability to focus.

  1. Eat mindfully

While food is necessary sustenance, it can also be a delectable experience. Take a break from your busy schedule to focus on the small meals in front of you. Mindful eating allows you to give food your full attention, resulting in finer attunement to, and greater understanding of your physical responses. This can help you gain control of your eating habits and take more pleasure in what you’re consuming.

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