Pulled Oats are the Latest and Tastiest Meat Alternative

When searching for your next yummy plant-based ingredient, oats aren’t far from the table. In fact, oat milks like Oatly, Califa and Earth’s Own, have been strong players in the alternative milk game for some time now.

But what if we told you that “pulled oats” are going to be the next big meat-alternative on the market?

Well, Gold & Green seems to have it all figured out. Taking cues from Oatly and their upcoming IPO (eyeing a $5 billion stock market value), oats are where it’s at!

These pulled oats only have five ingredients – oats, pea protein, faba bean protein, rapeseed oil and salt – which makes them very appealing to customers looking to avoid the additives, fillers and binders that are present in nearly all other plant-based meat alternatives.

By creating a product that is cleaner labeled, Gold & Green can win some of the plant-based market looking for a meat alternative that is not laden with less-than-ideal ingredients. In fact, the nutritional profile of these pulled oats is quite good. With more protein and fiber and less saturated fats, Gold & Green hopes to provide a cleaner alternative to the popular meat substitutes available on the market today.

Recipe Ideas for Pulled Oats Trend

Currently, there are four popular formats of pulled oats being used by retail brands: oat balls, deli oats, patties and the original pulled oats. From these formats, the meal opportunities are endless. Think: pastas and stir-fry (or anything sauce heavy) to burgers, nuggets and more.

We love that pulled oats have “more protein than in chicken” and they even contain all the essential amino acids required for human nutrition. For these reasons, it’s been called the “perfect protein” and given the clean nutrition label and lack of binders, fillers, and additives, we’re inclined to agree.

Pulled oats are suitable for everyone from vegans to vegetarians, pescatarians and even meat-eaters simply looking to cut back. The protein content will keep you full and satisfied, and the different recipe options allow for endless combos of tasty meals.

Perhaps one of the best benefits – they have a minimal environmental impact! Did you know that oats are one of the most ecological crops you can grow?

And now, the question you’ve all been waiting for: Does it taste like oatmeal?

Simply put, no. Pulled oats have a mild flavor profile but do not taste like prepared oatmeal. You can certainly eat them plain, but they are much better when combined with other flavors and sauces to provide a nice meaty texture, protein and well-rounded breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Pulled oats soak up whatever flavors you’re cooking with, so you could even marinate them and throw them on the grill as a nice alternative at a barbeque or cookout.

Looking to cook with pulled oats or similar meat alternatives but need some inspiration? We recommend these popular ingredients from the Nikken Foods’ shelf:

  • 7400 Komi Powder: This kokumi-based product reacts with calcium receptors to increase taste, linger and mouthfeel, making it a must-have for restaurants.
  • 1917 Kombu Extract Powder: This popular powder is naturally high in glutamate, which drives the cooked notes in spent grains and is also great for minimizing earthy notes in spent grains.
  • 7501 Umami Medley: The unity of this careful blend of Kombu, Shiitake and yeast extract creates an umami synergy that drives bold tastes and intensifies perceived meatiness while minimizing the off green notes found in some spent grains.

Nikken Foods is committed to creating exciting recipes and ingredients that bring your consumers’ plant-based food cravings to life. If you would like to sample a product or ask any questions, please reach out to our team today!