Ultimate Burger, Beef

% Ingredients

  • Base

  • 98.02% 80/20, ground beef, chuck
  • 0.98% salt, fine
  • 0.50% black pepper, dustless, 30#
  • 0.50% Fermented Black Bean Powder 7036

Juicy, unctuous beef burger. 2X umami, 2X juiciness

1. Weigh all ingredients separately
2. Thoroughly mix all ingredients together until fully combined
3. Portion into 4, 120 g. patties. Shape into burgers
4. Refrigerate for at least 2 hours
5. When ready, cook as desired

Why these Nikken items were used:
7036 adds richness to the beef. It elevates perceived quality, tanginess, juiciness and richness to
superior, dry aged likeness.

Recipe Origin and Purpose:
7036 is an intense ingredient to be used in rich flavor systems. Seared beef products create complex flavors
and our 7036 is the perfect ingredients to complement many of these maillard notes.

Recipe Intro:
Our 7036 Fermented Black Bean Powder enabled us to double umami and juiciness perception when compared to
burgers made without it. Sensory participants also rated enjoyability nearly two times higher when the 7036 Fermented
Black Bean Powder was present in the patty.