Top 20 Food Trends of 2020

We’re back in the roaring ‘20’s as a new year is upon us and, with it, a myriad of exciting food trends that are sure to add some flavor to your resolutions this year.

Let’s break down the top 20 food trends for 2020. Starting with…


Alcohol is an afterthought for those sober socializers looking to drive real flavors and wellness from their cocktails. Expect to see more options on your menu this year.


Thanks to its role in alieving everything from muscle aches to insomnia, cannabidiol, the “non-high part of hemp,” is only growing in popularity as its availability rises and its price lowers.

Vegan Comfort Food

Chefs are becoming more inventive with vegan and vegetarian versions of your favorite meals as these ingredients move from a side dish to the main event.

No Added Sugar

Clean eating habits are paramount to foodies with a balanced lifestyle. To that end, dishes with a lot of added sugars are going to get the cold shoulder in 2020.

Pacific Rim Desserts

Sweet Pacific Rim flavors like luo han guo, monk fruit, acai berries, guava and dragon fruits are in demand. In fact, Pinterest searches for Filipino desserts shot up by 76% this year.

Meat Alternatives

Thanks to inventions like the Impossible Burger, consumers know they don’t have to sacrifice flavor when they order plant-based meat substitutes.


Tastes like chicken… it’s the cauliflower mantra that has made it a vegan staple for replacing buffalo wings, nachos meat and even pizza crust!

Non-Traditional Butter

You won’t believe it’s not butter. In 2020, be sure to try macadamia nut butter, chickpea butter, watermelon seed butter and so many other inventive butter alternatives.

Boozy Kombucha

For those still looking to get a buzz to match their drink’s health benefits (like gut health), boozy kombucha has emerged as the clear choice and an easy alternative to cider.


Considered the purple veggie taking the hipster scene by storm, this yam is like a purple sweet potato with a vanilla taste that will secure its place at the table in 2020.

Alt Milk

However you pour it, nondairy alternatives are here to do your body good. Soy, almond, cashew, etc. will become a mainstay in providing the protein fix without upsetting the lactose or sugar intolerant.

Black Foods

Anthocyanins pigments are coloring the black foods that help signal the presence of powerful nutrients – and menus are taking notice in 2020.

Healthy Snacks

From homes to offices to the annual convention, snack breaks will be bucking the sugary treats trend and instead providing savory healthy snacks that taste good and are good for you!


Edible botanical extracts are the “all-natural” ingredient that is delivering new flavors and health benefits to drinks and dishes in 2020.


The distinct, sour flavor is getting its day in the sun as savory pickle juice is taking the headliner role in more and more dishes and snacks in 2020.

Interactive Dining Experiences

Sharing is caring for those looking to embrace their dinner as an experiential dining experience. More dining as an experience trends will be in your local chef’s playbook this year.

Zero-Waste Movement

Imagine a lifestyle where you eliminate trash output completely. It’s the goal of many passionate climate change activists and communities looking to take the next step.

Savory and Sweet Combos

Beef tenderloin served with dark chocolate port sauce. Just one of the combinations for chefs looking to challenge themselves with unusual pairings that pay off in the tastiest fashion.

Good Mood Food

Consumers are being conscientious about the fresh fruits, vegetables and grains that help lift energy levels along with moods when eaten regularly.

Earthy flavors

It makes sense for consumers looking for natural, healthy foods to gravitate toward the earthy flavors of shiitake, truffle and porcini in foods like breads, chips and desserts.

Whatever decisions you make this year, let quality ingredients and tasty creations guide the way. Since 1964, Nikken Foods has been the leading global provider of premium, natural ingredients for today’s food industry, and we look forward to serving you in 2020.

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